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Legion Br. # 6 Kick-Off to Canada 150 Birthday


Join us in the celebration of giving... 

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                                                         Main area and bar

If you wish to become involved in a committee,

you may contact the office at (506) 855-3364 or leave a message with info@legion6.net


Poppy & Remembrance Committee

The Annual Poppy Campaign is the most important fundraiser that the Legion holds for two weeks every November.  All members are expected to participate in this important campaign. There are a myriad of jobs including canvassers in malls and shopping center’s, area captains delivering and picking up poppy trays, and many other helpers who look after many of the tasks. Included in this is a great deal of work that is required in preparation for the Remembrance ceremonies. Veterans and ex-service members are especially helpful as speakers in local schools.


Membership Committee

Membership is the lifeblood of the Legion.  All members are asked to encourage friends and family to join our great organization.  Committee members help in processing membership applications, phoning committees, participating in initiation ceremonies and many other tasks.



Ways & Means Committee

Volunteers on this committee help in the various ways and means of raising money for the Branch. Help is needed planning and organizing various fundraising activities that may include special dinners, Bar B Que’s, flea markets, Meat Draws, special events, etc.



Entertainment Committee

Members can help the Entertainment chairman by participating in the organizing of entertainment for the Branch.



Special Events Committee

Closely related to the Entertainment and Ways and Means committees, volunteers on the Special Events committee help plan and organize a  variety of special events throughout the year.



Sports Committee

Participants in this committee help organize and coordinate the various Branch sports activities, setting up tournaments and help the chairperson in making Branch sports a fun and interesting thing for members to participate in.



Public Relations Committee

The Legion is one of the best-kept secrets out there.  Volunteers on the Public Relations committee help plan and organize various ways of advertising what we have to offer.  In addition to regular methods of promoting the Legion, volunteers populate our various community needs and booth at various local events.



Sick & Visiting Committee

We all care about our members and our Veterans. We care about the community and that is why volunteers assist by visiting local hospitals and homes to show we care.



Building & Grounds Committee

Members and friends lend a helping hand to look after the upkeep of the Branch.  All volunteers are welcome…

We appreciate the help of Skilled artisans who are always in demand and help our Caretaker in repairs, maintenance, and upkeep of our Branch. 



Honours & Awards Committee

Recognizing members for their contributions to the Legion is very important.  Volunteers on this committee work with the chairperson to identify those recipients deserving of recognition.  Organizing and planning the annual awards luncheon is a key function.



Sgt at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is always looking for those dedicated persons willing to participate in a variety of annual events as a part of the  Colour Party.  Volunteers will find a great deal of pride and satisfaction from participating. All are welcome.


                                                                  Conveniently Located

Convenient to everything; major shopping calls, local specialty shops, banks, post office, Doctors, Dentists, Walk-in Clinics, Moncton Hospital and the Dr. George-L-Dumont University Hospital Centre. Seniors Center, natural trails, swimming pool, curling and skating rinks and Minor league Baseball Park across the street. In addition, there is excellent public transportation to the Moncton downtown core.

Branch Br #6 (Moncton NB) houses the Legion proper at 100 War veterans Avenue Moncton NB with plenty of parking. The Legion Br. #6 Moncton NB annually donate generously to the communities through social activities, supporting seniors, developing youth leaders as well as those who have suffered illness or injury arising from Military Service.  Branch activity includes but not limited to, shuffleboard, pool, darts, cribbage, Poker and chase the ace.  There is something for everyone.

Royal Canadian Legion
Westmorland/Albert District is proud to announce the donation of a new disability bus to the Vitalité Veterans Health Center Moncton NB



Cap-Pelé Branch No. 91

Cape Tormentine Branch No. 81

Hillsborough Branch No. 32

Memramcook Branch No. 89

Moncton Branch No. 6



Petitcodiac Branch No. 41

Sackville Branch No. 26

Salisbury Branch No. 31

Shediac Branch No. 33

Sunny Brae Branch No. 54

Bouctouche Branch No. 043











The Royal Canadian Legion Br. #6 100 War Veterans Avenue on behalf of the Westmorland / Albert District legions take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity and support to make this “We needed them then, they need us now” fundraiser a success.

This new Disability Bus will serve the needs of Canadian WWII and the Korea War Veterans that reside in the Vitalité Veterans Health Center Moncton N.B. 

We also want to thank the Province of New Brunswick for their generosity in providing a grant to convert the bus for disability passengers.  Thanks also to the generosity of the tri-communities; Moncton, Riverview, and Dieppe for their generous contribution and continued support.

We want to send a special thank you to the various private organizations’ that worked so hard to raise funds for this project.  There is a Bronze Plaque on display inside the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #6 located at 100 War Veterans Avenue Moncton NB with the names of those who gave so generously.  The photo of the plaque represents the generosity and support of the Veterans community through the Westmorland/Albert District Legions and surrounding communities. 

Finally, our thanks go out to the Bus Fundraiser Committee chaired by Art Cuthbertson and Keith Brewer… Special thanks to the committee members; Sue Schultz, Ghislain Lapierre, Kathleen Lapierre, Jack Mclellan and photos by Don Rob Studios - Don Robichaud for the wonderful photos. If we missed anyone, please accept our most sincere apology and thank you.

Bus Fundraising Committee on behalf of

Bob Dupuis – President of the Royal Canadian Legion Br. # 6 Moncton NB