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Legion Br. # 6 Kick-Off to Canada 150 Birthday


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The Royal Canadian Legion Br. # 6 offers a homogeneous environment for all Volunteers where the priority is on respect and dignity for all who wish to partake in activities that help families and community. There is no other place like it.  Come out and join today.  You will receive full benefits of membership and all are welcome. 
"To all members of Branch 6, this is a reminder that for all General Meetings, Special Meetings and the Annual General Meeting there is a requirement to show a current RCL membership card prior to entry to the meetings. Your cooperation in adhering to this requirement is most appreciated".
Call us today: 1-506-855-3364alt

Join us in the celebration of giving... 

No! You don't have to be a Veteran to join the Royal Canadian Legion

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Legion 6 Moncton NB ...where EVERYONE is welcome!

(No, you don't have to be a member to enjoy our facilities)

The Legion is committed to supporting Veterans and their families and offers financial assistance for post-secondary education to those in need.

Poppy Trust Fund Bursaries.

As part of the Legion’s commitment to Veterans and their families, Legion Branches may grant bursaries through the Poppy Trust Fund to the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Veterans who need financial assistance to pursue a post-secondary education. These bursaries can make a difference for Veterans’ families and offers these children an opportunity to further their educational goals. Bursaries may be granted at any stage of a college or university program.

The Legion does not have a national-level bursary program. Local Branches and Provincial Commands develop their eligibility requirements, deadlines and application procedures. Contact the local Legion Branch in your area for further information and assistance.


As part of the Legion’s commitment to youth, many Branches award scholarships through their General Funds to recognize scholastic achievement and support youth in their community. Criteria for these funds are established by the Branch.

For information on bursaries and scholarships available in your province or community, please contact the Legion branch nearest you.




                                            Joining the Legion makes a Difference.